Organic Electronic Impulse Circuits

Electronic circuits, we use them everywhere, they’re almost an organism in themselves. In fact, we have given a name to when they are of the form of an organism: Robot, Cyborg, Artificial Intelligence, Computer. We use electronics to identify ourselves, authorise who we are, communicate with one another. In essence, an extension of ourselves and self assertiveness.

We use them for pass cards, to gain access to areas that we’re supposed to and deny where we’re not. To control our heart beats and also to augment our bodies in other ways to hopefully improve them or at least, prolong our short lives. Which, are actually getting longer.

Some believe that the future is for us to be integrated with electronics, our consciousness to transfer into or with them, to live immortal. To have circuitry embedded within our bodies so that we’re easily certified and identified as to whom we are.

I think, the next jump will be organic circuitry and its understanding. What do I mean?

Stem cells, they can create organs, given a template that is (from my limited understanding). Which can be of our own construction, as it were, so that it is not rejected. Currently if you implant a circuit into you, it will itch, it wants to be rejected by the body. Metals will break down and poison us.

Let’s create an organic circuit, one made from cells or similar. Make it one with us but customised, perhaps articulated with stem cells so that it’s not rejected by the body and so, all we have to figure out then is how to send and receive these signals from the circuits, how to power them? Heat perhaps? or maybe bodily constructions that do a form of energy recovery using blood-hydro-energy plants that’re as small as nano bots?

Imagine, we’re starting to be able to read pictures from peoples minds and also control devices using the electrical impulses from the brain. Here’s the inevitable “what if”, but, how about we have made these organic circuits that can receive and transmit data – they can then extended to doing it in a wireless manner.

I have seen technology for reading from the mind, for receiving some data back into the mind (such as the hearing aids) but what this could potentially suggest is the ability to have telepathy amongst those whom have a combined system put into place.

Is it really so far fetched, now?

Pretend that reading pictures from the mind is possible and extends to sound, feel, touch, smell, the senses can be presented and transmitted.

How can you even teach the mind to control what you could send and receive over an organic circuit plugged into such a thing?

How could we receive the data that we’ve just read from someone else? Would it be implanted as a memory or, more likely, would it be injected as part of the receptor that currently exists – such as the connectivity for the eyes, ears, tongue.

Would that mean that you would have to switch, between physical and ‘virtual’ senses?

How could you prevent someone from interfering with you, your transmissions, your reception?

What is more, the current incarnation of the internet and the virtual world, would this finally mean you could interact with it physically?

It depends. On what we can work out, what break through we can make, if, when they find out, that it’s revealed to anyone that can do something with it and, mainly I think, if we would go crazy being able to do these things. It may just be the final bridge between the organic and the metal electronic.